Regulations And TaxThailandRegionAll countries
Senior Management Time Spent in Dealing with Requirements of Government Regulation (%)0.437.298.82
Average number of visits or required meetings with tax officials.0.962.272.14
If there were visits, Average number of visits or required meetings with tax officials.1.393.303.18
% of Firms Identifying Tax Rates as Major Constraint***36.0023.0735.01
% of Firms Identifying Tax Administration as Major Constraint***34.8615.4923.70
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Permits And LicensesThailandRegionAll countries
Days to Obtain Operating License32.0616.2129.67
Days to Obtain Construction-related Permit29.4344.9965.00
Days to Obtain Import License19.8916.3819.37
% of Firms Identifying Business Licensing and Permits as Major Constraint***12.279.3415.50
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CorruptionThailandRegionAll countries
% of Firms Expected to Pay Informal Payment to Public Officials (to Get Things Done)..28.3829.32
% of Firms Expected to Give Gifts to Get an Operating License..17.7216.26
% of Firms Expected to Give Gifts In Meetings With Tax Officials..19.0816.79
% of Firms Expected to Give Gifts to Secure a Government Contract**..27.1725.65
% of Firms Identifying Corruption as a Major Constraint***41.0428.9537.54
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CrimeThailandRegionAll countries
% of Firms Paying for Security..51.2957.14
Losses Due to Theft, Robbery, Vandalism, and Arson Against the Firm (% of Sales)
If there were losses, Losses Due to Theft, Robbery, Vandalism, and Arson Against the Firm (% of Sales)0.114.464.97
Security Costs (% of Sales)0.361.381.51
Security Costs if the establishment pays for security (% of Sales)0.362.862.96
Products Shipped to Supply Domestic Markets Lost Due to Theft (%)*..0.640.98
% of Firms Identifying Crime, Theft and Disorder as Major Constraints***30.8218.0225.93
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InformalityThailandRegionAll countries
% of Firms expressing that a Typical Firm Reports less than 100% of Sales for Tax Purposes..63.7852.12
% of Services Firms Competing Against Unregistered or Informal Firms..50.1255.76
% of Firms Formally Registered when Started Operations in the Country..83.8789.29
Number of years firms operated without formal registration..0.900.81
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GenderThailandRegionAll countries
% of Firms With Female Participation in Ownership..54.2734.61
% of Full Time Female Workers*52.3239.3229.66
% of Female Permanent Full-time Non-production Workers *10.3911.019.70
% of Firms With Female Top Manager..27.0517.65
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FinanceThailandRegionAll countries
% of Firms with Line of Credit or Loans from Financial Institutions72.5240.4034.77
% of Firms Using Banks to Finance Investments74.3627.6023.91
% of Firms Using Banks to Finance Expenses71.8931.4527.56
Value of Collateral Needed for a Loan (% of the Loan Amount)131.13170.59146.03
% of Firms Identifying Access to Finance as a Major Constraint***26.3919.4230.72
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InfrastructureThailandRegionAll countries
Number of Power Outages in a Typical Month1.284.968.98
If there were outages, Duration of Power Outages (hours)
Value Lost Due to Power Outages (% of Sales)1.533.075.11
If a generator is used, Electricity from Generator (%) *6.1720.8520.76
Delay in Obtaining an Electrical Connection (days)27.9321.3436.80
Average number of Incidents of Water Insufficiency in a Typical Month*0.161.886.33
If there were shortages, Average Duration of the Water Shortage (hours)*9.408.1813.13
Delay in Obtaining a Water Connections (days)43.1327.0234.32
Delay in Obtaining a Mainline Telephone Connection (days)27.3910.7925.42
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Innovation and TechnologyThailandRegionAll countries
% of Firms With Internationally-Recognized Quality Certification39.0020.3816.20
% of Firms with Annual Financial Statement Reviewed by External Auditor100.0049.9146.72
% of Firms Using Technology Licensed from Foreign Companies *..18.8115.33
% of Firms using its Own Website49.9929.1733.73
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TradeThailandRegionAll countries
Average Time to Clear Direct Exports Through Customs (days)1.327.486.44
Average Time to Clear Imports from Customs (days)*4.939.3011.05
% of Exporter Firms75.7519.8917.95
% of Firms that Use Material Inputs and/or Supplies of Foreign origin*40.0563.7860.68
% of Firms that Export Directly47.6513.9613.62
% of Firms that Trade Identifying Customs & Trade Regulations as a Major Constraint***32.2814.2616.93
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WorkforceThailandRegionAll countries
% of Firms Offering Formal Training*75.3447.0534.92
Average Number of Seasonal/Temporary, Full-Time Employees88.3525.328.00
Average Number of Permanent, Full Time Employees217.5876.1949.16
% of Firms Identifying Labor Regulations as a Major Constraint***20.888.9111.70
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