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Enterprise Survey 2015

Papua New Guinea, 2015-2016
By: World Bank
Collection: Enterprise Surveys
Created on: Apr 19, 2017 Last modified: Apr 19, 2017

World Bank Group Country Survey 2014

Papua New Guinea, 2014
By: Public Opinion Research Group - The World Bank Group
Collection: The World Bank Group Country Opinion Survey Program (COS)
Created on: Nov 25, 2014 Last modified: Nov 25, 2014

Public Expenditure and Service Delivery Survey 2002, A survey of 220 schools

Papua New Guinea, 2002
By: National Research Institute, Port Moresby and Deon Filmer (World Bank)
Collection: Service Delivery Facility Surveys
Created on: Mar 23, 2011 Last modified: Nov 21, 2013

Household Survey 1996

Papua New Guinea, 1996
By: Unisearch PNG, Institute of National Affairs
Collection: Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS)
Created on: Mar 23, 2011 Last modified: Jun 16, 2017