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Working Paper
Barnes, Helen, Michael Noble, Chris Dibben, Charles Meth, Gemma Wright, and Lucie Cluver. "South Africa microdata scoping study." Centre for the Analysis of South African Social Policy, University of Oxford, Working Paper no. 6 , no. 6 (2007).
Noble, Michael, Helen Barnes, Gemma Wright, and Stefan Noble. The Old Age Grant: A sub-provincial analysis of eligibility and take up in January 2004. Pretoria, South Africa: National Department of Social Development, 2006.
Gustafsson-Wright E, Emily Jane. Baring the threads. : Rozenberg Publishers, 2007.
Journal Article
Surender, Rebecca, Michael Noble, Gemma Wright, and Phakama Ntshongwana. "Social assistance and dependency in South Africa: An analysis of attitudes to paid work and social grants." Journal of Social Policy 39, no. 2 (2010): 203-221.
Journal Article
Altamirano, Teofilo, James Copestake, Adolfo Figueroa, and Katie Wright. "Poverty studies in Peru: towards a more inclusive study of exclusion." (2003).
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