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Working Paper
Ferrer, Marcela. "Health modules in households surveys in Latin America and the Caribbean: An analysis of recent questionnaires." Public Policy and Health Program, Health and Human Development Division, Pan American Health Organization, Technical Report Series No. 72 (2000).
Roseth, Viviana V, Alexandria Valerio, and Marcela B Gutierrez. Education, Skills, and Labor Market Outcomes: Results from Large-Scale Adult Skills Surveys in Urban Areas in 12 Countries. Washington, DC: World Bank, 2016.
Journal Article
Dachs, J. Norberto W, Marcela Ferrer, Carmen E Florez, Aluisio J Barros, Rory Narváez, and Martín Valdivia. "Inequities in access to and use of drinking water services in Latin America and the Caribbean." Pan American Journal of Public Health 11, no. 5-6 (2002): 386-396.
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