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Working Paper
Kolev, Alexandre, and Catherine Saget. "Towards a better understanding of the nature, causes and consequences of youth labor market disadvantage: Evidence for South-East Europe." Social Protection Discussion Paper Series (2005).
Journal Article
Kolev, Alexandre, and Catherine Saget. "Understanding youth labour market disadvantage: Evidence from south-east Europe." International Labour Review 144, no. 2 (2005): 161-187.
Cross, Catherine, Pieter Kok, Marie Wentzel, Kholadi Tlabela, Gina Weir-Smith, and Jonathan Mafukidze. Poverty pockets in Gauteng: How migration impacts poverty. Pretoria, South Africa: HSRC, 2005.
Conference Paper
Cornwell, Katy, and Brett Inder. "Migration and unemployment in South Africa: When motivation surpasses the theory." Growth, poverty reduction and human development in Africa, 21st to 22nd March, 2004, St Catherine’s College, Oxford. Oxford, United Kingdom, March 22, 2004.
Azam, Jean-Paul, and Catherine Ris. Rent-sharing, hold-up, and manufacturing wages in Cote d'Ivoire. 2001.
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