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McGinn, Therese, Sara Casey, Susan Purdin, and Mendy Marsh. Reproductive health for conflict-affected people: Policies, research and programmes. London, UK: Humanitarian Policy Group, 2004.
Conference Paper
Deininger, Klaus, Gero Carletto, and Sara Savastano. "Land market development and agricultural production efficiency in Albania." Joint IAAE - 104th EAAE- Seminar on Agricultural Economics and Transition: \"What was expected, what we observed, the lessons learned\". Budapest, Hungary, September 6-8, 2007.
Working Paper
Deininger, Klaus, Sara Savastano, and Gero Carletto. "Land markets and agricultural efficiency in Albania." (2008).
Journal Article
Kilic, Talip, Calogero Carletto, Juna Miluka, and Sara Savastano. "Rural nonfarm income and its impact on agriculture: Evidence from Albania." Agricultural Economics 40, no. 2 (2009): 139-160.
Journal Article
Traerup L, Sara. "Informal networks and resilience to climate change impacts: a collective approach to index insurance." Global Environmental Change (2011).
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