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Type Journal Article - Eastern European Economics
Title Who is most likely to migrate from Albania? Evidence from the Albania Living Standards Measurement Survey
Volume Volume 45
Issue 5
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
Page numbers 69-94
URL http://www.research4development.info/PDF/Outputs/MigrationGlobPov/WP-T11.pdf
This paper uses the Albania Living Standards Measurement Survey from 2002 to examine the factors that render an individual most prone to international migration. The analysis uses novel data on whether individuals ever considered migrating abroad. The econometric models describe the data well and appear well specified on the basis of diagnostic tests. The estimated results are generally consistent with findings from the empirical literature on the willingness to migrate. It is salutary that the usual characteristics emerge as determining factors, with age, gender, employment status, and education all exerting predictable influences on migration risk. There is also a strong role detected for local labor market conditions and community-level variables that capture, among other things, the prevalence of crime.

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