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Type Working Paper - Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty Working Paper No. C9
Title Understanding migration as a driver of poverty reduction in Europe and Central Asia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
URL http://www.dfid.gov.uk/R4D//PDF/Outputs/migrationglobpov/wp-c9.pdf
This paper reports on the findings of a survey conducted by the Sussex Centre for Migration Research on migration and poverty in three regions of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2006. The research included a review of available literature, and field-level discussions with policy-makers in four countries/territories (Moldova, Tajikistan, Kosovo and Georgia). For each of the three regions (Western Balkans, the ‘European Neighbourhood’ and Central Asia), the paper explores the context of poverty and development and general migration trends, before focusing on policies orientated towards migration management, and the broader impact of migration on poverty. It concludes with a number of policy recommendations. Four further working papers complement this paper, each on one of the case study countries mentioned above.

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