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Type Working Paper - World Bank Policy, Research, and External Affairs Working Paper No. 467
Title Structural adjustment and living conditions in developing countries
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1990
URL http://www-wds.worldbank.org/servlet/WDSContentServer/WDSP/IB/1990/08/01/000009265_3960929165434/Ren​dered/PDF/multi0page.pdf
By and large, social indicators in developing countries improved in the 1980s, but progress was slowest in the countries that needed it the most. The data show unacceptably high mortality rates, low school enrollment levels, and extensive undernutrition in many parts of the world. Of particular concern are the declining primary enrollment ratios in intensely adjusting countries. This erosion of human capital is inconsistent with the main objectives of adjustment: sustainable long-term growth.

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