Describing and explaining a foreign aid regime: A Panamanian case study

Type Thesis or Dissertation - MA thesis
Title Describing and explaining a foreign aid regime: A Panamanian case study
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
The purpose of this research is to investigate about the role and function of the foreign aid regimes in achieving common goals for the humanity. As a particular case it has been taken the one concern with the eradication of the extreme poverty expressed in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), which is promoted by the United Nations but is developed by each country member of the organization. \n\nThe aim of this research is to contribute to the investigation done so far on whether it would be possible to accomplish the goals by the year 2015. We will take as an example the case of the Republic of Panama whereby it is seen how the United Nations, with the help of the World Bank, aids the government to eradicate extreme poverty in areas with more need. Using quantitative data first, it is shown how the program is working in the country, whereby it is improving the population living standards especially in the education and health areas which are important for the MDG and the local government. Once it is shown the improvements, it is turned to the qualitative data from different sources to get the opinions on which are perceived as the program¡¦s strengths and menaces.\n\nThe analysis of both quantitative and qualitative results is used to develop a set of conclusion in benefit of the international regimes and recommendations for further studies.

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