A manual for planning and implementing the living standards measurement study survey

Type Working Paper
Title A manual for planning and implementing the living standards measurement study survey
Volume Working Paper
Issue No. 126
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1996
URL http://www-wds.worldbank.org/servlet/WDSContentServer/WDSP/IB/2000/02/24/000009265_3961219093409/Ren​dered/INDEX/multi_page.txt
This manual explains the planning process, technical procedures, and standards used in Living Standard Measurement Study (LSMS) household surveys, including what these procedures entail, why they are used, and how they can be implemented. The \"what\" is the factual description of procedures and standards. The explanation of the \"why\" will help the reader to understand the importance of the different procedures. Moreover, if some aspect of them is to be changed or eliminated in a particular country, knowing what they were designed to achieve may aid the survey planner in finding an alternate strategy to accomplish the same objective. The \"how' comprises explicit instructions, along with examples of ways the procedures have been adapted in different countries that have implemented LSMS surveys. Although the lessons presented here are derived from LSMS surveys, many of them are applicable to surveys generally, and\nespecially to those that are complex or especially concerned with quality control. Topics covered in this manual include the technical aspects of questionnaire formatting and testing, ways to implement a sample design, and what fieldwork and data management procedures have been successful. Ideas about directions to pursue in analyzing the data are sketched. A brief description of how to assess local statistical capacity is included. Generic work plans and budgets are presented to give ballpark estimates of how long each process will take and what must be included in a budget. This manual will be useful to a broad spectrum of those who collaborate on an LSMS survey, including the staffs of the statistical agency, planning agency, university, or international development agency that will design, finance, implement, and analyze the survey, and technical assistants who are not familiar with LSMS survey practice. The authors have tried to write so that persons who are not specialists can read all parts of the manual.\n

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