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Type Working Paper - Arbeiten aus dem OSTEUROPA-INSTITUT REGENSBURG Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Abteilung Working Papers
Title Surveying transitional experience and subjective well-being: income, work, family
Volume Nr. 279
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
URL http://www.oei-dokumente.de/publikationen/wp/wp-279.pdf
Subjective well-being patterns found for developed economies do not always valid for the economies in transition. This paper overviews happiness and satisfaction studies on income, work and family life domains with a particular attention to those on transitional countries. While there is a range of similarities in conclusions for two types of economies, the main differences seems to be a result of uncertainty and fast changing conditions in transitional settings. The terms ‘happiness’ and ‘life satisfaction’ should be distinguished, when evaluating the successfulness of transformational period and socio-economic policies. A short summary for 76 studies involving subjective indicators on data from the economies in transition is included.

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