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Type Working Paper - Working Paper n. 59
Title Indicators of social exclusion and poverty in Europe’s regions
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
Page numbers 1-37
URL http://www.unisi.it/ricerca/dip/dmq/working paper/DMQ_WP_59.pdf
This paper provides an overview of a methodology and application for the construction of regional (sub-national) indicators of poverty and social exclusion in Europe. Starting from Laeken Indicators defined at the country level, proposals are made for their regional adaptation. A strategy is developed and implemented for the construction of regional indicators. It involves making use of micro-level survey data and region-level data from other sources to produce regional indicators using composite area-level EBLUP methodology. Illustrative results are shown of estimates down to NUTS2 level for most EU regions and to NUTS3 level in the case of Italy.

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