The burden of hospitalization due to overweight and obesity in Brazil

Type Journal Article - Importância e custo das hospitalizações associadas ao sobrepeso e obesidade no Brasil
Title The burden of hospitalization due to overweight and obesity in Brazil
Volume 23
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
Page numbers 1721
This article estimates the burden of hospitalization associated with overweight and obesity in Brazil. The analysis of all hospitalizations for men and women from 20 to 60 years of age was based on the National Healthcare Expenditure Database (SIH-SUS), covering more than 70% of all hospital admissions. Data were for the year 2001. Attributable fraction of hospitalizations associated with diseases related to obesity and overweight was based on the combined risks of United States and European cohorts. The population-attributable fraction for each disease studied was multiplied by values reimbursed to the hospitals and summed to obtain total direct costs. Overall costs of overweight and obesity represent 3.02% of total hospitalization costs for men and 5.83% for women, corresponding to 6.8 and 9.3% of all hospitalization (excluding pregnancy). Diseases associated with overweight and obesity had a significant impact on hospitalizations and economic costs in Brazil, and overall percentages were similar to those from developed countries. Since the nutritional transition is still under way in Brazil, overweight had a higher impact than obesity on disease prevalence and costs

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