Determinants of return and circular migration in Albania

Type Journal Article
Title Determinants of return and circular migration in Albania
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Using the Albanian Living Standard Measurement Survey 2005, our paper analyses the determinants of short term migration movements. Both a multinomial logit model and a maximum simulated likelihood (MSL) probit with two sequential selection equations are used to estimate the determinants of circular vs. temporary migration. The results show that the best and brightest Albanians do not migrate, rejecting the “brain- drain” hypothesis in the Albanian case. Furthermore, the least educated engage in circular migration. Other factors that affect the form of migration that an individual engages in are gender, age, family ties, geographical location and past migration experience. Many migrants have migrated only once because they failed their migration target or have already accumulated enough savings, while circular migrants have returned mainly after the expiry of a seasonal work permit, with the intention to migrate again

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