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Type Journal Article - Living standards measurement study (LSMS) working paper
Title Child anthropometry in Cote d'Ivoire: estimates from two surveys, 1985 and 1986
Issue LSM51
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 1990
URL http://www-wds.worldbank.org/external/default/main?pagePK=64193027&piPK=64187937&theSitePK=523679&me​nuPK=64187510&searchMenuPK=64187283&theSitePK=523679&entityID=000178830_98101902172160&searchMenuPK=​64187283&theSitePK=523679
Child heights, weights, and weights given height are tabulated for the Cote d'Ivoire using the Living Standards Survey data for 1985 and 1986. The major finding is the low incidence of stunting (low height for age) relative to other West African nations. Important regional variation exists, but in the poorer Savanna region, levels of stunting are still somewhat lower than in other rural areas of West Africa. Wasting (low weight given height) is more in line with other West African countries, but is far lower than found in South Asia. Several patterns appear in bivariate relationships between certain household and community factors and the incidence of low height or weight. Parental education and height, and relationship of the child to the household head seem especially important.

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