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Type Working Paper - Social Protection Discussion Paper Series
Title Towards a better understanding of the nature, causes and consequences of youth labor market disadvantage: Evidence for South-East Europe
Volume No. 0502
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2005
URL http://miha.ef.uni-lj.si/_dokumenti3plus2/196029/youth_01.pdf
Available studies show that the lack of decent work opportunities for youth is probably one of the most daunting problems faced by countries in South-East Europe (SEE) (see for instance UNICEF, 2000). Yet, the lack of comprehensive, integrated and centralized databases on youth labor market disadvantage in transition countries in general, and in South- East Europe in particular, has usually been a major barrier for a comprehensive analysis of the problems that youth face in the labor market in the region.\n\n\nFor the purpose of this study, an attempt was made to create comparable indicators of youth labor market outcomes for 10 regions of SEE, relying on 7 Labor Force Surveys (LFS) and 6 Living Standard Measurement Surveys (LSMS) conducted around 2001. These data show that more than ten years after the beginning of transition, and despite obvious signs of economic recovery in most SEE regions, the average youth unemployment rate in SEE remained 2.5 times higher than the EU average, and 3 times higher than the adult unemployment rate. Besides ILO unemployment, the emergence of large pools of jobless\nyouth who do not even look for work and the large number of youth working in unprotected environment are worrisome trends in several regions of SEE.

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