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Type Journal Article - Economic and Political Weekly
Title Do parents spread educational expenditure evenly across the two genders? Evidence from two North Indian states
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2006
Page numbers 5276
URL http://eledu.net/rrcusrn_data/Do Parents Spread Educational Expenditure Evenly across the Two​Genders.pdf
This paper tries to examine the gender gap in educational expenditure in two states of north India using the data on education from the Living-Standard Measurement Survey (1997). Our results show that parents exhibit a gender bias while educating their children. Using controls for caste, religion and the level of development in the community, the paper finds that the size and extent of this gap differ across the age groups of children. The results, in general, are found to be more robust when information is used at the individual level rather than at the household level.

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